Horse Charriot Multicolour Jhola Bag

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Material: Poly Canvas

Size: Height: 15″ Width: 14″


  • Strong Poly Canvas make with an ultra HD image quality
  • 1 Main compartment with magnetic button
  • Carefully Handcrafted and Made in India

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Made in India


A jhola bag with unique design and colour. The  two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle is a horse cart design in the jhola bag that reminds us of old age traveling ways. It was used by royal peoples. The design and colour combination makes it look very beautiful. This bag has a lot of space! This one is perfect for taking a picnic on the ground and enjoying the sunshine in the winter afternoons. A jhola bag, in its most basic form, is one of the most basic of all bags. It consists of a single panel of material that is sewn on two sides to make a bag. Looped handles attach to either side of the aperture. You can add side panels, interior or exterior pockets to this basic structure


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