Affiliate Program

Are you a content creator or an influencer on Instagram? Or does he have a product review blog? Do you run a channel on Youtube? Would you want to review and recommend products to your friends, family and everyone who is really going to pay attention? If you say yes, then our affiliate program is for you!

Affiliate Faq

What is Fatfatiya Affiliate Program?

Fatfatiya affiliate program is free and allows members to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their website or social media platforms that advertises Fatfatiya products on it and when a customer completes a purchase through these links you will receive a commission.

How does it work?

You need to sign up as an affiliate on our website. After you sign up, you'll get a unique code for your audience that you need to share on your website or social platform. If the sale is made within 30 days, you will earn a commission on each referral.

How will you know that the orders came from my site?

All links from your site to our site contain a unique identifier so that every time a user comes to us through your site, we know how to credit you when sales happen. Cookies are used to track return visitors, ensuring that you get a share of the revenue from each visitor you refer to us.

What is the commission structure?

The standard commission rate is currently 10% on total sales value. If an order is cancelled or returned we will not validate the commission.

How and When do I get my commissions?

Payments will be made monthly. At the first week of each month, we will send you the details of your earnings subject to the minimum earned balance of INR 250. Once we have received your invoice, we will make the payment to your bank account before the 15th of each month. If your account balance is less than INR 250, we will forward it to the next month.

How can I join the affiliate program?

The registration is very simple, just complete the online application.
Once approved, you will receive an email
with a link to your Affiliate Dashboard.

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